Wooden building constructed in 2009, on top of an old stone barn . South facing , with 3.5 ha of land surrounding the house. Fields and mature woodland. Vegetable garden and orchard.


The restored barn exterior measurements: 7.30 x 13.50 m = 98.5m2
on three levels.


Ground floor:

72m2 self contained studio, with shower room and WC.

+ Separate utility room /entrance.


1st floor :


72m2 open plan spacious kitchen/ living room, with large double glazed windows facing east, south and west.

Office area, fully shelved larder, walk in cloakroom and oak stairs leading down to utility / entrance .

Wooden balcony 12m2 facing south with outside stairs to ground floor.

Double doors leading onto paved terrace, leading into garden.


2 nd floor:

3 light and spacious bedrooms under sloping wooden roof.

Large bathroom with bath , shower cubicle , bidet and washbasin

Mezzanine landing , with large storage shelving

Wooden flooring and ceiling. Walls painted in ecological earth paints.



Construction details:

1.    Consolidation of the existing walls with reinforced concrete.

2.    Installation of the joists on the 1st level in larch and flooring in
        pitched pine.

3.    Construction of the entire framework in larch beams on the west façade 
        and douglas pine for the rest of the building .An acacia perimeter beam
        sealed to the concrete base.

4.    Construction of the top floor is composed of 4 traditional trusses with
        rounded beams to maximize the use of the attic space, 2 large dormer
        windows on the south purlin and two roof windows.

5.    Laying of roof rafters and larch battens, covered with slates with hooks,
        snow barriers in metal and wood .

6.    Construction of the two flue pipes out of fired earth, with limewash.

7.    Northern facade is red pine and two "MOLENAT" aluminium sliding
       panel windows.

8.   Creation of an 8cm thick lime, sand and earth screed underneath 1st floor
       low fired earth tiles , to store the solar energy captured by the windows.

9.   Organic insulation: 12cm wool fibre for the walls
       - 220mm "thermolaine" roof insulation

       - Hemp wool insulation for inner partitions

10.  Solar water heater with 300 litre storage tank.

11.  Water pressure pump.

12.  Heating wood stove "JOTUL" 5118; “Black Bear”. A solid fuel cross flow
        catalytic secondary combustion system with a front to back cigar burn

13.  Drinking water supply system: into 3,000l tank, from an underground
        water source, giving 1/2 m3 per hour on average.

This beautiful house is very easy and economical to heat, because of its orientation and large areas of glass, which capture the suns rays in winter. The roof has been constructed to prevent the sun directly entering the house in summer, keeping the terra-cotta tiles cool. All the insulation and paints, and oils have been carefully chosen to create a 'non toxic' environment.

With all these building specifications, this house has a Bioclimatic label. It is referenced in the ECORCE association of ecological houses and was used in the logo for Ariege Couserans NRP's information / energy campagne.

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